Realizing why I don’t read books: an #AtoZChallenge post

Reading glasses must be a priority for me this month because I can’t read my comic books.
I’m too young to be one of those squinty people who say
“I need reading glasses” before buying an over-the-counter pair from those pharmacy store spinning racks. Let me specify: I need new prism prescription glasses that help my eye condition I can never remember the name.

You see it during your annual eye exam.  One twist, one tweak of that face machine and everything close or distant becomes crisp. “Oh, that looks so much better,” you say.  “I didn’t realize that,” even though you did.  Prisms add another layer of complexity for eye doctors adjusting my vision.  My current “distance” prism glasses are being fine-tuned; now it’s time for my “close-up” glasses to get a re-haul.

Last time I was in The City, I struggled to read the graphic novels in my beloved Kinokuniya bookstore.  I visited my town’s local comic book store–yes, they still exist–and learned there was a new ElfQuest series, but my eyes couldn’t appreciate the fine artwork by Wendy Pini.

I’m not reading books as much as I’d like to these days because tiny printed words scare me.  Yet no matter how many times I write it in my planner, I skip over it as an “I’ll get to it later” task.

Maybe I need glasses so I can read my writing.

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