Quit procrastinating in #AtoZChallenge

The 20th way to procrastinate a writer is with Quizzes.

You know them; in fact, you’ve probably taken one or more. Women’s magazines were, perhaps still are, stuffed with “Is he the right boyfriend for you? Take this quiz to find out” articles.  The online universe barrages you with self-identifying factors.  Which Star Trek captain are you?  If you were a coffee drink, what would you be?   Find out the color of your inner soul.  What flavor of cake are you?  What living room object?  Which Brady Bunch kid are you?

Discover your spirit animal based on your McDonald’s order.

What is your superpower?  Which Disney princess/villain do you most resemble?  What board game best describes you?  Are your first date opinions normal or controversial?

The list continues.

Your writer needs to understand themselves, and the traits of their characters. This may seem superfluous, but quizzes offer deep insights.  Is your character even a Star Trek captain?  Does your character drink coffee?   Encourage the writer in you to take as many quizzes as possible.  Encourage your characters to take the same or different ones.  Quizzes are usually about 10 questions long, and that takes no time at all. What harm is there in taking one or two quizzes?

Except getting sucked into the next quiz.

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