Updating apps and understanding life through #AtoZChallenge

Updating apps shows me even more memories I may or may not want to remember.

Looking at Timehop inspired me to scroll through my apps. Early phone pages should be filled with oft-used, important apps.  Screens 2 and 3 are cluttered with various text and photo editing apps, which surprises me. Why is this valuable real estate cluttered with apps I don’t use and skim over while looking for the app I really want.  They were useful at some point; now they are future experiments.  As I scrolled and studied, I could not find an app I wanted.

Ku, the app formerly known as Heyku, was space for people to write haiku and share them within the small community. This was one of those apps that autosaved images in a separate camera roll folder. My Ku has 64 images: text only, off-white squares with the upper right corner folded over to resemble a scrolling piece of paper. That was the beauty of Ku: words only.

This folder is proof that it existed.

My first Ku posted on August 29, 2014 and the final image was dated August 27, 2015. I’m not sure if that’s everything I wrote, because while I can access the app from my old, screen-cracked, iPhone6, there is nothing under my profile. This app closed down and deleted from the Apple App. Without the autosave feature Store.Without the autosave feature, these poems could have been lost forever.

I experimented with this Alphabet Haiku theme back then, because this is one of the Kus I created between 2014 and 2015, a poem touched up with effects from another rediscovered old new app Camera+ which I have to re-discover how to use. I wonder what else I’ll find.

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