Find fish and friends in #AtoZChallenge haiku

One fine way for a writer to procrastinate is with Fish.

Fish are Zen in motion. They go where they want, flip around in a different path at a whim. Writers identify with this path as they look for the directions to lead their characters. Writers must be deliberate in their choices while fish swim and sway in a random dance. Writers think and think and overthink events that move their characters forward. Fish stare at writers, maybe blink, and move on forward. It’s an indifference to make cats jealous.

Take your writerself to a pond, an aquarium or a Chinese restaurant where schools of fish scurry from reed to reef.  The writer follows their favorite fish in a playful hide-and-seek peek inside whimsical treasure chests.  Slide and glide through rock tunnels, mesmerizing color of coral buried in gravel.

That water, its own relaxing self, swirls in the trail of a fish’s tail. Writers close their eyes to savor the sounds of tank filter bubbles and burps. Their heart beats to the rhythmic gurgle-plop-gurgle of pulsing water. The writer returns home relaxed and soul soothed. The thought of sitting at a laptop or picking up a pen disturbs all thinking. The writer curls up in a chair or on the couch, the mind a pool of ripples that swirls in hypnotic memory.

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