My fun #AtoZChallenge 2020 Theme Reveal

I wrote a haiku based on the letter X that does not include the word “xylophone”.

I hope you love the alphabet because we couldn’t write without it.

April is the month bloggers around the world unite to write daily posts for the phenomenon Blogging from A to Z Challenge. Posts correspond to the alphabet. April 1 is the first letter A. April 2 is the second letter B.  April 3…well, you get the idea. It’s November’s NaNoWriMo for bloggers.

This year, I’m keeping my theme simple yet challenging:
Alphabet Haiku

Last year, my grand experiment was a humorous look at the ways we writers procrastinate, as well as how we allow others to enable us. My “26 Ways to Procrastinate a Writer” theme soured into an unsavory mess of words and, ironically, procrastination.  I introduced Jayne as my flash fictional character, to show by example what distractions can do to a writer I didn’t know where to take her character, and she didn’t tell me where to go.  Her life developed in a soap opera and I couldn’t rebound.  A beastly crud demonstrating exploding frustrations grew.  I gave up.

My haiku theme did not spring forth because April is National Poetry Month, although that’s a nice happenstance. It bloomed from a haiku challenge my college friend and I do: mail postcards to each other with haikus written on them.  Also ties rather well into National Letter Writing Month, don’t you think?

My challenge creates a haiku with each word beginning with the same letter. My X-haiku is quite inspiring.

As of this post, 350 bloggers are committing to the frivolity, themes including:  memoir; book reviews; MST3K; quilting; recipes; faerie; herbs; Disney; tea; Switzerland; cemeteries; Doctor Who; vampires; nursery rhymes; sunrises; and coloring pages.

Come join the fun?  Sign up ends Thursday, March 26.

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