Unboxing Uppercase August 2016 delightfulness

“It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds.”~Aesop, Greek writer

I cancelled my OwlCrate subscription because I found better book box kits.

I’m frustrated with OwlCrate. Everything in their boxes is Harry Potter-themed, repeating vendors and impractical trinkets. You’ve read my diatribes of disappointments. Now read words of wonderfulness.

Uppercase. I gave myself a 2-month gift subscription, a way to try out the service without the long-term commitment. My first month, August, is delight-filled.

The bubble envelope did not impress me because I’m used to receiving sturdy cardboard boxes. The items inside did impress me.


Once upon a time there was this lovely necklace…

I’m beginning to think that a book subscription kit isn’t a real book subscription kit if it doesn’t include jewelry. What’s nice about this gold-plated necklace is that it is a general theme, not tied to any specific book or movie series. I like that. A lot. The scroll is an exclusive Uppercase design. It is sturdy and easy to latch closed. Love that.


Note to self: take notes

The designers had me in mind when they crafted the exclusive notepad. It’s wider than standard notepads. The lines are spaced far enough apart that it’s easy for those of us who write above an 8-pt. font to, you know, actually write on them. The picturesque designs eat up a lot of the writing real estate, but the design is what makes this charming. Piles of books: me. Coffee or tea: me. pens and pencils and sticky notes: so me.

I showed this to my husband, and he said, “This is perfect for you.” Yup.

That’s it. Those two bookly items are the only things included, but these are two nice bookly items. As of this writing, I’ve already worn the necklace once and received a nice comment on it. The featured book, P.S. I Like You by Kasie West arrived autographed with a pink quote print.


I do think I like you

There’s also a reading experience bookmark. I’m not sure what that does yet, but it seems that you enter a code online when you get to certain pages in the book–you’ll know what pages because they’re shown on the bookmark you’ll be using–there’s some exclusive content, stories, trivia, author perspectives, stuff like that. Paint me intrigued.


Uppercase August 2016: a complete package

The nicest touch is the handwritten note from the owner. It’s not something pre-printed on stock paper; at least, it doesn’t look that way, and it’s addressed to me by name. Makes me feel like a person, not a subscription number.

Eagerly awaiting September’s box.

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