The appeal of writing in coffeeshops

“You can’t blame gravity for falling in love.”~Albert Einstein, German scientist

Coffeeshops are my office.

Some people find the noise distracting. I find the background noise comforting. The conversations and overhead music soothes me, connects me to the outside world of people. I’m able to tune it always; I always have. I guess that happens from growing up in a house where the TV was turned on the moment we got home.


Haiku Horizons Prompt #131: “Climb”

What’s more distracting to me is being home and having the laundry, couch and kitchen snacks calling my name. Outside, I have only me, my laptop and coffee or tea. I’m an equal opportunity caffeine drinker.

People are fun to watch, both inside and out the coffeeshop windows. Who are they talking to on their cell phones? What gossip are they sharing under the awning? How long have they been sitting in the sun; isn’t it too hot? Where will they go after this? When will they leave, thus freeing up those wicker seats? Why are they here at all? Are they like me?

My coffeeshop post over at Deadwood Writers Voices describes more of why I like involving the five senses in a coffeeshop. There’s a vibrant world out there, with the occasional blueberry muffin.

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