Another #WeekendCoffeeShare of productive #ROW80 goals

If we were having coffee….

Hey there!  I’m glad you can join me so late this night.  It’s a gorgeous night for a walk, and we just came back from one in Plymouth.  The park area all around the fountain in Kellogg Park is swarming with PokemonGO activities.  It’s like those summer nights you imagine, just warm enough without being hot, light enough to see but still well-after-sunset dusk, couples sitting together on benches and walking around…I mean, perfect.

And then there was Pokémon GO. I downloaded the app this week, curious more than nostalgic, and I got to Level 5 by flicking balls while sitting in a coffeeshop. That was Thursday. I haven’t even chosen a team yet, but here was a mob of kids playing, faces glowing in the post-sunset darkness. I’m on a social media island in this respect, not having anyone to play with or even some idea what to do, but the sense of community here in this public park…wow!

As I said, ideal.

Are you playing? What team are you on?
Yeah, my husband’s rolling his eyes over there. **I lower my voice to a whisper** I saw a screen on his phone. He downloaded the app. Never told me he did. I don’t know if I can get him to play, but looking for Pokestops could help us get our daily 10K steps in. **I raise my voice to normal volume** I love these FitBits. The best Valentine’s Day gift we ever gave ourselves.

It’s been a quiet week, but I’ve been working on those ROW80 goals. Working at making my Happy Planner that social media guru book that I planned to do last November. Haven’t quite figured out still what works for me, and I’m weeks late toing a mid-year review of my overall plans, priorities and progress. For now, I’ll focus on Round 3 goals:

1–Update my blog.

I printed out all my draft posts. The titles alone are 14 pages long. Seeing them sprawled out like that makes it easy for me to see what I can let go of (1b). There’s a visual list of what needs to be migrated over to this site (1d), so I can plan that out, doing 1-2 at a time, or setting aside a chunk of time to do them all. I’m not doing anything with my blog pages (1c) because I am focusing on writing or completing all my draft posts (1a). I have two lists of posts to work on, and I’ve scheduled time to do that this week.


2–Deal with 5-10 emails/day: 5 new and 5 old.
4–Maintain current social media schedule, revise/update as needed.

I’m finally using my Happy Planner to more of it’s potential. I have a master to-do of Tweets, Instagram posts and such, and I’m putting some of the individual ones on the calendar pages with stickers. My Twitter Chats, for example, stay on my master sheet, but I’m using “hydrate habit tracker” stickers to denote emails I deal with. That’s eight checkmarks per sticker, thus 16 for each day, so that represents 8 old and 8 new emails I do or do not deal with. I completed the email challenge three days this week.

3–Deal with my phone photos: save, print, delete.
5–Keep in touch with friends and family through phone calls and letters.

Nope. I did not make the time to call or write to folks, and I cannot fathom dealing with the…let me look here…the 16,787 photos right now.

Yes, you heard that number right. That’s for another schedule another time. But I can carve out time for family and friends; I’ve chosen not to, and that’s an epic fail on my part.

I’m also not reading much, despite scheduling that in my social media to-do list. That’s important, but I can’t find the energy to make the time. Honestly, the blog stuff is weighing me down, so many little things to do to catch up. That focus feels good, so the more I progress I make on that first goal, the better I feel. Today, I feel pretty good about it, and that’s a good place to end.

I’m really diggin’ these Frappuccinos. Café Vanilla has become my latest obsession. I know it’s getting later–I’ve talked your ear off, I bet–but settle in with a drink and tell me what’s been going on with you.

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