Travel journeys for Day 3 of the 12 Days of Christmas

On the third Day of Christmas, the blog I share with you is Pam Portland.

Her tagline is “a writer on a journey, without a destination,” but I feel her destination is that wandering. I met Pam through the weekly Twitterchat #writestuff. Her blog focuses and reflects on her moving journeys. I relate to her travel experiences. When I was a single 20-something living on my own a state away from my parents and all things familiar, I took random drives as something to do. They were my adventures: going to Asbury Park one evening to say I was there and walk on the beach while I was there; to drive across a covered bridge; to see where the “What if I turn left here?” took me.

Her recent post, Mousters Degree, speaks to memorabilia and freedom.  I’m a scrapbooker deeply attached to pieces of paper and photos, and I, too, worked at an amusement park one summer. Cedar Point in Ohio may not be the dizzy dream job of Walt DisneyWorld, but the behind-the-scenes experiences affect me even today.

Tip: If you ever want to go somewhere like backstage or the press section, walk with a purpose and act as if you belong there. You’re more likely to get through if people think you’re supposed to be there.

Her blog makes you think about your own life’s directions.

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