Who sends greeting cards anymore?

Just in time for MegaMeet tomorrow, I wonder: are Get Well cards extinct?

MegaMeet starts tomorrow, and I am so excited to be playing with papers and glue sticks in public again I can barely write this.

My class schedule includes one card class: “Holiday Sparkle Cards” by Diamond Dotz. Holiday and birthday cards are expected at MegaMeet because “scrapbook” is a flexible word encompassing all paper arts. What about get-well cards?

I took an all-occasion card class a few years ago called This & That. Using a simple, repetitive pattern with a color scheme of yellow, white and two shades of blue, we made 10 cards: Birthday; Thinking of you; Congratulations; Get Well; Wedding; Love; New Baby; Thank You; Friend; and Hello.

Some of my fun writing supplies

I didn’t glue some sentiments on the card designs because I didn’t need them all, especially Get Well. How do I know someone is sick until they’re well? People only communicate their health status on Facebook. Unless you’re on Facebook every hour and happen to see that initial surgery or illness post, by the time you read about the event, it’s over and too late for a card. It’s quicker to click (Heart)emoji your friend’s post? It’s more convenient to comment on a photo. It’s quicker to retweet a tweet. Who sends card anymore?

As dinosaur as it sounds, I mail cards, and not just because it’s National Letter Writing Month or an Instagram challenge. I sit at my table, push my laptop to the side and pull out colorful, blank note cards. I have two 50-count boxes I bought at Michael’s Black Friday 50% sale two years in a row.

Now I put these boxes next to the table. If I had to think about standing up from my chair and walking the seven steps up to my office to rummage through boxes on a shelf or out of a closet, then my friends would never get a paper piece of cheer mixed in with their bills and roof gutters advertisements.

I discovered the This & That cards as I packed my papers and adhesives. My goal is to use them.

First, I will finish these cards, even if that means spending time during the Friday Night Crop to complete. Maybe I can find a flexible interpretation of the words “get well,” or maybe coloring the phrase in blue glitter pen will be enough.

Second, I will mail them. Most card classes are too skimpy to provided the envelopes, leaving me the inconvenience of buying my own. Purchasing standard envelopes should be an easy trip to a craft store, but I’ll buy a larger manila envelope at an office supply or dollar store.

Do you even have stamps in your house? I do, fun ones that include Wonder Woman, Batman, Harry Potter, Pixar and Star Trek. I bet you want a card from me just for the stamp. I decorate my envelopes with stickers and address them in color, glitter gel ink pens.

I hope I never have to send my Get Well card. I prefer Thinking of You cards with glitter unicorn stickers on the envelope.

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