Maybe you will write a letter today, or tomorrow #AtoZChallenge

My friends, how do I love thee? Let me count the stamps.#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter M

April is a month of showers before flowers, as well as other events:

In 2001, United States Postal Service designated April as National Card and Letter Writing Month, which is what I’m focusing on today.

“Compare sending someone a text message and getting a love letter delivered by carrier pigeon: No contest.”~Bryan Callen, American actor.

I discovered Letter Writing Month from write_on website, whom I thought  officially created that in 2014.  Somehow, years ago, I received a free package they mailed to me containing 10 note cards, a pen and a sheet of inspirational ideas.   I used one or two cards to write letters.  Then I stopped.  I always knew April Letter Writing Month was there, but I only thought about it in April, or maybe mid-March.

The website was static a few years, but now has current April 2021 posts along with cards for sale in a similar design ones with similar designs as mine were.a lot of promotion to buy note cards from eggpress and Hello!Lucky.  There’s a little too much promotion and selling for my taste.  The designs are similar to the cards I received, and I’m not a fan of the caveman-styled artwork, but the campaign is spot on.

These days, I don’t need another daily challenge.  The potential problem with anything daily is that skipping one day can make people feel soooooo bad about themselves, inadequate and sloppy.  The point of anything is to do something good that makes you feel good.

I have all the elements to send my friends Happy Mail, which is anything not a bill or store coupon.  I have sets of matching stationary/envelopes including my childhood Hello Kitty and Japanese notepaper; you never outgrow Hello Kitty.  I have a stash containing Hallmark’s Lady & the Tramp plus a half-used sheet of Mrs. Grossman’s stickers, those original ones. I have Forever postage stamps from when the panic was real and postage rates were increasing in 2007.  Not the boring Liberty Bell, mind you, but Batman, Wonder Woman, Harry Potter, Jazz Legends and American Inventions.

I write about my day, as if my friend was next to me, as if this was an everyday conversation.  There is nothing elaborate or planned out, not necessarily interesting.  It’s my slice of life.

“I’m in a coffeeshop drinking Sumatra coffee”
“It’s 10pm, and Law & Order is on the background.”
“Today the birdhouse fell off the  rope”
“Tomorrow I’m going to buy a dishwasher because the heater broke on ours.”

I don’t need a properly-formatted salutation, because I often write too much and have to squeeze five words into the last inch of space, so I only have room for:
                                                   <3 Di
(which is a heart for those of you whose device doesn’t show emojis).

write_on is presenting Writing and Drawing Kindness at 2pm Eastern on this Saturday, April 17. Sign up for tickets. It looks like fun.

Mistress, Majesty,
Musician, Mentor, Model,
Maiden, Mermaid: Names.

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