A peek inside my journal: Dare to dream

Friday, 8-18 [2006]
Haggerty SB

                      It’s SB-Detroit Tigers Day!!
                      I got a photo w/Paws, the Tigers mascot & 2 w/pitcher Brian Inge. #15 There’s been a line out the door since I arrived. But, I got a good frapp & Brian handed it to me.
                     I’m nibbling on a White Cheddar Brioche–“not quite a bagel, nor quite a croissant” said my barista–as lunch. It’s about all I can stomach–my writing clips have been mailed to Ann Arbor.
                    I have dared to dream.
Since I applied online for this, I have imagined me interviewing. I’ve practiced it, sitting @ my computer, relaxed as if it were real.  I’m snappy, eloquent, & to demo my talent, I whip out a tape recorder for a quick mock interview.
                    I have dared to dream I am worth $50,000 yr.

Journal: August 18, 2006

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