Laugh with today’s #AtoZChallenge

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Today is International Moment of Laughter Day, so find something that brings you delight.

I learned that tidbit of fun after I wrote today’s haiku feeling deep after watching The Pelican Brief last week.

It occurs to me that today is the birthday of my best friend from high school. She did laugh and was deliberate with everything she did. If homework was to write–as in, with a pen–one paragraph on something, the rest of us would scribble as fast as we could to finish the assignment. She slowly concentrated on each letter, making sure every word captured her signature style. Even today, I can picture her rounded loops with the curling flourish at the end of her Letter K.

Laughter is always and forever needed in the world, today and beyond. Thinking of her as I write this brings back memories of her teaching me Spanish. She taught me our code phrase él está [not] aquí meaning my high school crush was in school that day and not on a course field trip.  It’s a moment so ingrained that every now and then I hear myself saying that phrase for no reason at all.

Simple days when my whole self twisted between life or death based on that tall, skinny black haired guy being present, which gave me another chance for us to say more than “hi” to each other.  How silly.  How delight-full.

What’s making you laugh today?

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