Childhood memoir in haiku for #AtoZChallenge

Here’s a slice of childhood life from my short memoir Lessons from Dad: A Letter to You:

Thank you for playing games with me.  Not many kids can say this.  I still have that picture from when I was two of me riding on your back and playing horsey.  You and Mom taught me card games.  It’s ironic to your personalities that she taught me Solitaire while you taught me Hearts.  When we played board games, Mom liked Mouse Trap and Connect Four. You preferred Candyland and Checkers. 
Back then, every night was “family game night.”

Today, the only deck of cards I have is probably some sports or movie themed collectible set, but I do have Solitaire on my laptop.  My old board games are in the closet, but my husband and I go out to coffee shops and play Yahtzee.

In the winter, you were a patient statue on the street as I rode my plastic sled down the hill across the street.  You stood there as I trudged back up, saying, “Daddy, watch me!” before I slid down again.  And again.  And again.

“C’mon, let’s go,” you’d finally say.

“Ohhh, just one more time?” I’d ask.  “Please?”

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