Things I notice writing in coffee shops

“Just living is not enough; one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”~Hans Christian Andersen, Danish author

What do you notice around you?

Today, writing in Rock ‘n’ Joe Union coffee shop, the music includes a country artist’s cover of “Purple Rain.” There is something so, so wrong about that.

Most people who sit in a shop for a solid amount of time still order drinks in to-go cups rather than for-here mugs.

A lot of coffee shops are a Pokémon PokeStop, A Pokémon Gym, or are near enough one to spin at. A few hours of productivity means a full items bag.

People who sit in a shop’s comfy chairs are the only ones who read books…real paper books.

When three people sit at a 2-chair table, no one ever puts the third chair back.

I’m not often asked, “What are you writing?” or “What are you working on?” It doesn’t matter if I’m working with pen on paper or on my laptop/tablet.

Most laptop folks are ignored either out of politeness or the appearance of snooping.

Snippets of conversation caught out of context are fabulous story fodder.

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