A #WeekendCoffeeShare returning from Miami

If we were having coffee…

Hi there. Grab a seat. The couches in our hotel room are surprisingly comfy. I’m going to brew a cup of Starbucks Veranda in the Keurig. What would you like? I can microwave water for tea if you prefer. There’s only so much I can do in this extended-stay hotel, but we’re moving towards a house, so we may not be here much longer.

I focused on my writing this week. I was poolside at a Miami resort with no plans or appointments. I indulged myself in rare sun–you know I have sensitive skin–and I wrote two blog posts. I thought about the atmosphere I was in and the atmosphere I like writing in. Poolside is not a bad atmosphere to write in. Water and lounge chairs are soothing. Beware the indirect sunlight reflection off the pool. You can catch a sunburn even while under a large beach umbrella.

There are some little complications with the house hunting process that are turning into large complications. Everything is more time consuming than I expected. There are attorneys and inspectors and unexpected issues. our closing date looms almost a month away and things are still…tweaking.

I made time to examine my ROW80 Round 2 goals. I didn’t do that before the official start date last Sunday, and I feel better taking time now to focus on what I want to accomplish. So far there’s no progress, but I defined my goals two days ago.

The good, the bad, the frustrating. How about you? What exciting things have you been up to?

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