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If we were having coffee…

It’s quiet in here, isn’t it?

Barnes & Noble cafés are usually subdued, but the Easter holiday must be why it’s extra quiet in here. They’re proudly brewing Verona, which is one of my go-to Starbucks coffees. The barista is super friendly, so you’ll get a smile with your cup of tea or coffee. Oh, I have a B&N account–well, my husband does–so let’s get you that 10% discount.

We’re down here visiting his folks, and right now, he’s visiting the music department. He’s hoping not to be disappointed by the pitiful CD music selection, but he’s sure he will be.

The move back to New Jersey continues to be, let’s say, challenging to find a house. Being this close to family and friends again is a delight. If we get the house we’re negotiating, we’ll be about 2 hours away from here, which is a lot better than the 12-hour drive from Michigan. We get to do casual weekends like this, Easter dinner or random visits whenever we feel like it.

The last part of the house inspection came back favorable, which is a relief. We have one more set of hoops to hip-hop through. I think. After that, I guess all we do is wait for the closing date. I hope.

I went to the Montclair Write Group’s free write on Monday. I’m trying something new with my writing format or approach. I bought the Michaels version of a Travelers Notebook last year intending to use it in a specific way to organize my writing. I have three inserts. The first one is for my regular journaling. The second one is for writing notes or interview transcriptions from freelance writing assignments. I’m looking for work once we get settled in our house, and this setup will be perfect based on my past writing experiences in New Jersey those many years ago. The third insert is exclusively for my creative writing and story ideas.

In the past, everything dumped into my regular journal. I would have needed to index each one to properly find everything, and that is not going to happen. What a great idea to keep my writing segmented.

The problem is that this whole contraption is too big for any of my purses. It’s even bulky in my writing bags, but I can squeeze it in. If I’m out on a casual day, I can’t implement this great idea because my travelers notebook doesn’t travel well in everyday life. After about 3 days, I took the first insert out to use as my journal since it’s a size I typically use. I kept the other two inserts in the snap binder. I’ve only taken the whole thing out in public to those Montclair write meetings to use the third insert for the creative writing prompts.

I’m brewing another idea for journaling and writing that’s inspired by two books I saw last year. It seems such an obvious experiment, but it’s unconventional enough to never consider it. I’m thinking when to put it into action. It’s not intuitive, but it could be. Maybe when this current journal is filled.

What about you this week? Any creative ideas bursting forth? Spending time with family or friends this weekend? Happy Easter or Chag Sameach, however you celebrate.

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