Writerly goodbyes are on the horizon

“Saying goodbye doesn’t mean anything; it’s the time we spent together that matters, not how we left it.”~Trey Parker, American artist

My phone is filling up with Goodbye Selfies.

I met my writerly friend, Erin, today for a writing adventure. We met at Plymouth Coffee Bean, the super-hip and trendy coffeehouse in downtown Plymouth. Bands play there. Pastries are baked locally. Every sign, from “Bathroom is for customers only” to “Please close the door firmly,” is handwritten. Among the bumper stickers adhered on the wall behind the counter is one that reads, “Friends don’t let friends drink Starbucks.”


Goodbye Selfie with writerly friend, Erin

The mismatched tables, lit by table lamps of various style, are spread throughout this house-turned coffeehouse–and yes, this is the type of place that you call “coffeehouse” not “coffee shop.” I claim one big enough for both of us and our writings. Hug. She buys a cookie. I get my bottomless cup of coffee and a turkey-ricotta quiche sprinkled with powdered sugar. I pulled out my laptop. She set up her tablet. We wrote.

Occasionally, she asked for my input or shared a story from her documentary travels. Occasionally, I commented on my writing, her writing and all my goodbyes. Mostly, we wrote.


Haiku Horizons #155: Rain

The silence between us was friendship. It never felt like a goodbye, and that’s the best goodbye of all.

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