My Farewell #WeekendCoffeeShare from Michigan

If we were having coffee…

Hey, I’m glad you could join me and my husband at Starbucks. This is one of my last times writing here. Actually, I’m coming tomorrow, Monday, for my last Swarm check in streak. I know, I know, silly little app game, but I have to see what coins I’ll get.

My life this week has been full of goodbyes and errands and more goodbyes. It’s hard to grasp that in five days, we’ll no longer be in Michigan. To think that our drive back East is not a vacation but final. Reality.

Yesterday, I was excited about it. Part of that was due to the sunny, 63-degree weather. Did you get out to enjoy it? I got a haircut in Plymouth–do you like it? It’s shorter than my hairstylist, Kate, said it was, but it’s so gosh darn cute. I feel all flouncy, still tossing my head side to side and having hair flip-bip-bop around. Anyway, we walked around afterwards, and I counted 17 Lures thrown down around Kellogg Park. Are you Playing Pokémon GO? Oh, that was the place to be! We walked and spun and walked and spun, catching a lot of those new Gen 2 critters. Because of all that, I don’t know if I should trade in my coins for a Lucky Egg or upgrade my Pokémon storage bag. Decisions, decisions.

So, what did you get to drink? This Nicaragua Monimbo is the reason I dragged him here. **husband looks up, nods, makes a hmmmph sound, then returns to typing**. Did you try it? It’s a newer Reserved Clover coffee. This store used to do monthly taste testing seminars before that manager left, and I learned that I like Nicaraguan coffees, most Latin American coffees, I recall. This is smooth. I only needed two Splenda and a touch of milk to make it work for me. I’d get another cup, but we’ve got to get going soon. More packing and errands and all that.

How’s your writing and life going? My writing and My 17 in 2017 has suffered during this time, but I’m okay with that. This move has to get done. There’s plenty of time for that on the other side because I have nothing waiting for me there. Not yet. I contacted two editors about writing opportunities. I scouted coffee shops near our temporary housing. A Swarm friend suggested I write at the Parsippany Library where her sister works.

Only if there’s a PokeStop there! hee, hee, hee!

It’s time to go for now. Oh, and a Goodbye Selfie. **click, click**. I have way too many of these, but I just realized now that I’m fortunate to have so many people in my life to have so many Goodbye Selfies.

My new Jersey memories begin next weekend. I’ll see you on the other side.

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