Returning to #WeekendCoffeeShare and writing goals.

If we were having coffee…

It’s good to be back and see you again.

Enjoying the Clover coffee? I totally love supporting local coffee shops, but sometimes I like the consistency of big box stores. The Reserve coffee makes this location special. Not every Starbucks is one. They’re in high-traffic or high-profit areas and serve specialty coffees. What did you get? I got the Aged Sumatra because it’s a smooth taste and I’ve had it before  with nothing else new or unique, feel like sticking with what I know.  


Our traditional faretheewell at Starbucks

Christmas vacation was fun. Food was a big part of it, as always is with my in-laws. His mom cooked her homemade lasagna and cheesecake, plus she surprised us with snickerdoodle cookies and chocolate pretzel bark. I never had those two before. Just as tasty. Here, I brought some along. **pulls out plastic zipper locked baggie** I figured they’d go great with coffee or tea. How was yours? Did you go anywhere or do anything special?

His folks took us out to dinner and brunch. My husband and I ate at New York’s Carnegie Deli for the first and last time: the famouse restaurant closed the day we were in the City. I never had pastrami or corned beef–seriously!–and it was worth the three-hour wait. The onion rings…oh my gosh…they were cake-y and sweet, not a smudge greasy. It was like eating an onion ring funnel cake without the powdered sugar. Not good for my waistline, but I accept what I did and am okay with it. I enjoyed all of my trip.


Where are you, my MiiPea??

But I came back to my missing WiiFit disk. It’s probably packed up in storage, but where? With the games box? With the DVDs? I mean, I kept the game case separate from the packed stuff. Under the TV is stuff that is my “if I was on a deserted island, what would I want with me” box. The case is there, along with the other WiiFit disk and case, but this breaks my heart more than you can imagine.

Yes, our house has not sold yet. We keep getting showings–we even had a second and a third showing–but no offers. Frustrating and annoying to have to keep the house organized and spotless for nothing productive. It felt so good when we returned Tuesday night and we left our suitcases and bags splattered around the kitchen and living room floor. The last thing we wanted to do after a 12-hour drive was tuck things neatly in closets. We tossed those dirty clothes bags down into the laundry room and went to bed. So free!


Even my shopping bags are strewn about, not put away. Yay!

Now it’s back to work and cooking and writing. Yes, you heard me: writing! I haven’t planned out writing goals yet, but with the house organized and tidy, I have the time to focus on that again. I hate using the word “want” because that’s so vague and meaningless, no direction to it, just a dreamword. That said, I want to write and finish and publish some books. I already contacted New Jersey newspapers and magazines about staff or freelance writing opportunities. I made a list of others to contact. I don’t have a writing and blogging schedule yet, but I know that’s something I’ll work on, this weekend or next.

What about you? Have you made any resolutions? Are you going to? I’m not a resolution person, nor am I a focus-word-for-the-year chick. Life is going to happen with or without resolutions that I’ll forget about following through on by March. I respect if that’s something you do. I’d love to know about your plans for the year.

Oh, and are the snickerdoodle cookies good?

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