Choose or choose not; that is the question

“Today I choose life.”~Kevyn Aucoin, American artist

Are you writing right now? Why, or why not?

Have you talked to your dear friend lately?

Did you spend two hours on social media last night?

Are you exercising or being active in some way?

How are you choosing to feel today?


Haiku Horizons Prompt #142: “choose”

Most people choose Monday as the day that defines the week until Friday. Me, I usually like Mondays, but I’m having a cranky day. No good, not bad, just a fussiness about everything. My mood has nothing to do with Monday other than it’s the day this is happening. I choose to sink into that, allowing myself to be muddled in all that Monday seems to define. I’m not writing; I choose to swamp my self in boxes, trash bags and packing tape. I haven’t called my friends in days–or is it weeks now?–and I chose to spend my time watching TV or YouTube or outside playing PokemonGO. I haven’t been active on social media in days–or is it weeks now?–because I chose to do things that I don’t even recall now. I haven’t been on my WiiFit in weeks, that I know. My body feels that, and yet I choose not to make the commitment to myself.

I also know that I will get out of this crank, because I choose to allow myself to wallow in it for just so long before dragging myself out of it. That’s not easy. It’s not a habit you can practice. It’s something you have to do, to choose embracing the bad and the good. To choose to be a friend to yourself. I’m a friendly person to strangers; why not myself?  I deserve that much, especially on my now-almost-uncranky Monday afternoon.

Are you choosing to be happy today? Why, or why not?

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