Writers, focus on this for a Happy New Year

“Let’s forget the baggages of the past and make a new beginning.”~Shebaz Sharif, Pakistani politician

Everyone chooses a focus word for the new year, but not me.

Happy New Year. That’s not a bad way to start a Monday, unless you’re hung over from last night’s celebrating. This is a day for focus, for evaluation, for promising ourselves that we will change and choosing a word to represent our journey.

Yeah. Who is going to remember this in July?

I can’t boil down all my changes to one word, not even a hyphenated word to get that extra boost. I choose not to stress over something that–let’s face it–I’ll ignore by July because Real Life will intrude and push my best efforts aside.

Every year for the past several years, I considered a phrase would be better to keep in mind. It was a phrase that if I accomplished it, then everything else would be set right. That phrase, wisdom gained from a Yogi Tea bag tag, is: Keep Up, Despite that noble thought, my 1500+ emails in my inbox, the 20,000+ photos I need to print off my phone and the 50+ boxes I still have to unpack from February 2017 move prove that I cannot accomplish a focus phrase.

Maybe two words are too much for me.

If you have claimed a word and are successful long into 2018, my kudos to you. I know that it is something that does not works for me, and knowing that is a success. How little we know of ourselves. I’m comfortable that I know myself and mostly like that person.

Instead of a word, it’s time for me to take the price tag off the shirt I bought in 2016, one shirt I had the forethought to pack with me when I moved, not stuff in a box for the storage unit. Take the price tag off and wear it, both on my body and figuratively in my mind:

This is MY Year

That sentence applies to you, too. Focus on that.

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