The F-Word

“Think like a queen; a queen is not afraid to fail.”~Oprah Winfrey, American entertainer


The other day, I caught the movie Frozen on TV. I must be one of the few people in this universe who had not seen the film. I never understood the blinding infatuation the world has with it, but it never looked good enough to spend my time watching. After watching it, I think it’s a cute movie but still nothing overwhelming. Disney’s Beauty & the Beast or The Little Mermaid are far more visually engaging with entertaining stories…but that’s not the point right now. The last song in Frozen was “Let it Go.” Apparently I was buried in a winter avalanche because I don’t recall the song or the movie being the amazing Academy and Grammy award winner that it was. Even after watching it, I don’t get the intense attraction, but since Epcot’s Norway Pavilion at Disney World switched over to a Frozen amusement attraction, it was good to get acquainted with it before my husband and I return in three years. Best not to tell him yet; he adored the Maelstrom ride, looked forward to it every time. Will he enjoy this area as much? I don’t know, but I digress again.


An image on Instagram led me to a site that led me to a site that led me to a site that eventually took me to the GET TO WORK BOOK site. Other than the designer price tag of $55, the GTWB looks like any other paper planner. except that it offers a unique spin on breaking down all To-Do action items. At end of each month, there is a “Reflect and Goal Set” page with six boxes. Three boxes prompt you to review the past four weeks: Last Month’s Wins; Still in Progress; and To Let Go Of.   The second set of boxes are to look ahead with the thought-provoking questions: To Think On, To Work On; and To Complete.


The one box struck a chord in me was To Let Go Of. I have a lot of To-Dos that I never seem to complete. I keep pushing them aside, for whatever reason, and these tasks hang over my head. I feel compelled to complete them. After all, I set the goal, so I should finish, right?

My phone app, Due, points out my failure. Constantly. By my choice. When you type in a task and go to set the timer, this message pops up: “Keeps alerting you to overdue reminders until they are marked done.” The settings are every 5-10-15-30-60 minutes. I have a number of regular events, things like “Call (person) weekly,” “Exercise finger,” and “Thursday Twitter chat, 8pm” but I also have some one-off tasks. Some of these have been hanging around since January–no joke. There’s no definite deadline, just an I-need-to-do-this-soonish timeframe.

Those that I keep putting off haunt me. Similar tasks–writing and others–that I feel responsible for hang over me. Some of these I’ll never get done because it’s no longer important or relevant. These tasks are holding me back.


Let it go. Three simple words, one difficult concept. We hoard our obligations as a contract to ourselves, and we judge success by them. How good would it feel to just hit a reset button and move forward with fresh breath? Is that irresponsible or careless? How do we move beyond that? That in itself is a measure of letting go. Can you do that? Of course you can. Will you give yourself permission to do that?



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  1. Well, this DID get my attention! Of course not only was I wondering your take on the word I hate, but I kept expecting that dreaded word or something about it to show up.

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