Martin Luther King, Jr. and Zentangle

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?'”~Martin Luther King, Jr., American activist

This week enters a new era, Diva Challenge #201. This week’s challenge is the annual awareness to Moebius Syndrome, which her youngest child has. It is a delayed developmental condition.

I look back on my tiles from last year and see the different approach I took then.


Diva #151: Moebius 2014–1


Diva #151: Moebius 2014–2

This year, not being near a computer to print the moebius strip template, I created my own using the color associated with the condition, purple. I introduced various shades on Inktense pencils, playing with them for the first time this year.

How appropriate that this challenge falls on the American holiday celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. and his many activist works for advancement, understanding and unity.


Diva Zentangle Challenge #201

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0 Responses to Martin Luther King, Jr. and Zentangle

  1. Anne Marie says:

    I love this tile and it’s color. Great to see what you did last year.

  2. Yes, a beautiful time to show solidarity for a cause with a beautiful tile! I like your earlier work as well, but I am always drawn to the color, that purple background feels warm and hopeful!

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