How was today's first Zentangle Lunch event…?

“What you plant now, you will harvest later.”~Og Mandino, American writer

My first Tuesday Tangled Lunch at Hobby Lobby was a success! The event was exactly what I wanted it to be.

First of all, someone showed up besides me. Not bad considering modest promotion. I expect future attendance to be strong because in less than two weeks, customers have taken all of my flyers. I have fabulous exposure to the employees because the classroom is in the back, right next door to the break room. One woman stopped in twice to ask about classes and these Tuesdays, disappointed that she and her friend would have to wait two weeks for the next one.

What’s the format for these lunch gatherings, you ask?  I set out a variety of my work for show-n-tell and inspiration. You show up and eat (or not) and play with stuff. That’s it.

Kim has taken several of my classes. She showed up with her previous Zentangle projects to show and an idea for what to work on today. She brought the heart template that was part of my MegaMeet I {Heart} Zentangle class earlier this month and planned to do her first black tile using that heart as a string.


Kim’s first white-on-black tile:
I {heart} it!

Here’s where the inspiration to have these lunches took off. Casual sharing and mutual learning experiences.

I offered her the use of my pens. She worked on her black tile while showing me her very first Zentangle from a demo years before she took my class. We talked about her experience then, the instructor and the materials that were used. I learned a lot from that.

Kim showed me her completed black tile and made a comment about the open space. She liked it but wasn’t sure it felt complete. She asked for suggestions, and my immediate response was to aura around the inside space. She hadn’t thought of that.

This is why it is beneficial to take a CZT-taught Zentangle Basics course before exploring advanced techniques. The books available are marvelous resources for ideas and inspirations, but a class provides a solid understanding of how to make the most of them. People may think that it’s “just” drawing and they can leap right in. But if you did not have a CZT explaining what an aura is and ways to think about it and its use, then you would not know to consider an aura because you don’t know its purpose or its effect. Kim understood and appreciated this.

To use her example as a figure skating teacher, you don’t just step out on the ice Day One and expect to be taught a Triple Salchow.


Spinning in circles: my Diva #169

I offer these lunch events to have causal, unassuming discussions about the process. To introduce Zentangle and the process to others. To explore. To share. It’s not a class, but I do show up with a project or prompt for everyone to launch from.

Today’s plan was to work on the Diva’s Weekly Challenge, one reason I chose Tuesdays as the day for these lunches. Kim had looked up this week’s Zentangle Challenge #169–to use circle strings–and she admired the concentric rings Laura did. Kimtalked about ideas she had after seeing that. I had a different string in mind based on inspiration I saw in a book this weekend–at a bookstore in Canada, no less! Interconnecting circles. I showed Kim how she could use a common item like a travel mug to create different size circles by using the lid, the cup base and the lip of the mug. She had never thought to create a string like that, but now she does.

Our discussion branched out from “just” Zentangle to family memories, creating websites, seasonal activities, and buying a house.

All of this came from my first lunch event. And I didn’t bring home all of the cookies I brought as the snack. *whew!* Just imagine what future lunches will inspire.

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  1. Jean Chaney says:

    I’m glad to read about your success at Hobby Lobby.Your circle tangle challenge is well done.

  2. Annemarie says:

    A lovely tile filled with circles.

  3. Very fun tile and how nice that Hobby Lobby is working out for you so well.

  4. heatherdpear says:

    Your lunch sounds like a friendly approach. Good luck.

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