Postmark fun: THON dancer mail

“He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand, walk, run, climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying.”~Friedrich Nietzsche, German philosopher

Today is the postmark date for THON Dancer Mail. I’ve written inspirational and funny cards for current sorority sisters of my chapter, but I never wrote to a complete stranger. Until now.

I know from dancing that cards and envelopes and everything can get lost. Opening envelopes can be tricky at Sunday whatever-hour-a.m. My friend, Jacki, and I trade postcards on a regular basis, so I thought postcards would make fun, quick dancer mail.


Found poetry postcards

I called the main THON office and asked for the dancer numbers of my sorority and for this year’s alumni dancers. Then writer’s block struck: what do I send? Should I make a drawing or a Zentangle? What is an inspirational phrase? Would something funny be best? Should I paint or use crayon?

I just completed some art pages of found poetry and still had a pile of leftover magazines. From random pages, I cut out words and phrases and clauses to create sentences like: “You are brave, kind, friendly” and “You are an inspiration” and “Focus on what a really special gift doing things together.”


Postcards to cheer

Then came the cheery postcards to glue those words to. I found some coloring-book-esque postcards from a limited edition from the US Post Office. Those would be easy to color using my recently-opened Inktense watercolor pencils. One postcard was leftover from a trip to the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, Canada. That last one I find exceedingly appropriate!

In addition to the specific people I knew, I sent some to strangers, hoping that a random act of THON will cheer up someone’s Sunday morning. I know it would make me smile. This small act of service is the least I can do.

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